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Assoc. Prof. Macid Ayhan MELEKOĞLU

Eskisehir Osmangazi University, School of Education, Department of Special Education

Hi, welcome to my website. Let me briefly introduce myself.

I was born in Silifke county of Mersin province, Turkey in 1979.  After I completed my primary education in Seka Primary School in Taşucu town of Silifke, I finished middle and high school as a boarding student in Ankara Anatolian High School in Ankara, Turkey. I started Primary Education Teacher program in the School of Education at Selçuk University, Konya, Turkey in 1997. I graduated in 2001 and started to work as a primary school teacher in Büyük Sarıkaya village in Bahşili county of Kırıkkale province, Turkey. In 2003, I got a scholarship from the Ministry of National Education of Turkey (MEB) to start my graduate education in the field of special education in the United States of America (USA). After I got my Ph.D. in special education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA in 2009, I started to work in Muğla University, Turkey. In 2011, I left Muğla University and started to work in the Department of Special Education in the School of Education at Eskişehir Osmangazi University. Currently, I am working as the director of  Eskişehir Osmangazi University Research Center for Special Education Services. Between 2015 and 2018, I worked as the coordinator member of the Students with Disabilities Comission of Higher Education Council of Turkey. Besides, I worked as the associate director of Eskişehir Osmangazi University Institute for Graduate Studies in Educational Sciences between 2017 and 2018. Additionally, I worked as the Department Chair of Special Education Department between 2012 and 2018

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